Diet and Workout Programs

Personal Best Fitness 12-week Transformation Package - $600

Achieve a lean, sculpted and powerful physique with sustained energy in this 12 week program designed for the everyday person. The diet program encompasses menu planning for each meal, with properly balanced protein, carbohydrate and fat proportions for your metabolism. The food selections will be tailored to your personal taste and eating preferences (vegetarian, etc.)

This diet plan will be designed during a one-hour phone consultation with Usama where you will be creating a detailed program of what to eat and when to eat it. In this phone call you will discuss your fitness targets, any pre-existing health concerns, and also set realistic goals for your final outcome as well as your weekly progress. The program is applicable to adults as well as kids, 12 and older.

Your progress will be monitored weekly phone calls where you report your weight, energy level and (optional) weekly e-mailed photos. Your plan will be adjusted to ensure consistent progress toward the goals set in your initial consultation. Upon ordering this program, you will schedule your initial phone consultation (or if you are in the Silicon Valley area, a 1-on-personal meeting at no extra charge) within 24 hours

Competitor's 12-week Contest Preparation Package - $800

Designed for the competitor, body-building or figure, this program will lean you out while maintaining maximal lean muscle mass for a peak physique at your competitive event. It's timed to begin 12 weeks prior to your competition or show date. The meal planning will be coordinated with a detailed cardio and workout regimen to bring out maximum muscle definition.

If you are planning on doing a show/competition and have never done one before, with Usama's program you will be "hand-walked" through every step to achieving the best possible physique at your competitive event.

If you have already competed, Usama's program will help you fine-tune your physique and guide you based on his 17 years of experience.

Included in this package:

Off-season muscle building program (12-weeks) - $600

In this twelve weeks, Usama will coach you through workout and diet programs to build maximum muscle mass. First there will be an evaluation of which body parts need the most development to achieve a symmetrical physique. Then specific workout routines that build mass will be prescribed. Along with the workout program, you will be given a personalized dietary program with the optimal caloric intake and proper nutritional balance for muscle growth.